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    Kristin Alberts (Wilderness Woman)
    Phone: +1 (920) 493-8580

    Kristin Alberts is an outdoor writer, videographer, and firearms appraiser who maintains a social media presence as The Wilderness Woman. Her work can be found at, the Gun Digest Annual print publication, and Game & Fish Magazine, among many others. The story of her latest African hunting adventure was published in African Hunting Gazette. It’s true what they say–Africa gets in the blood. Kristin thought her first trip to Africa in 2019 would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but she is now packing for her third trip and planning out a fourth. She has pursued dangerous game, plains game, and Tiger Fish along with Stephen Bann at wild locations across the southern continent of Africa.

    Whether booking your introductory trip or looking to chase a very specific species, Kristin can help make that happen. She is familiar with the entire process, from flights to gun permitting, through getting your trophies home for lifelong memories. In addition, she is a licensed measurer for both Safari Club International (SCI) and Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR), making her well aware of what makes quality trophies. It’s not all about the measurements though–in fact, Kristin believes in booking for the full experience–lodging, cuisine, sightseeing, photography, and all the little things that make a trip unforgettable.

    She would be happy to help you achieve your dream trip to Africa, which can be surprisingly more affordable than most folks ever imagine. From the quality to the quantity of game you’ll see to the finest accommodations and family-friendly SB Hunting team, Kristin is confident you’ll enjoy every moment. She grew up on a Midwest farm in the United States and knows hunters deserve to get good “bang for their buck”…and there’s no better place to do that than Africa with Stephen Bann. Feel free to email, txt or call Kristin to make your dream a reality.

    Terry Nelson
    Phone: 575/361-1911

    Terry is a lifelong resident of New Mexico with a diverse background of hunting, fishing and outdoor experience from Alaska, to Africa, to Mexico and across the US. He currently is a part time hunting guide on private New Mexico ranches for Pronghorn, Aoudad, Mule Deer, and Oryx.

    Terry has over 20 years’ experience as a State Game Warden in New Mexico and is still active in firearms and medical training for civilians, security, and law enforcement. In addition, he currently writes for the outdoor industry on a wide variety of topics including hunting, firearms/self-defense training, and gun/outdoor gear reviews.

    Having recently hunted with SB Hunting Safaris/Stephen Bann in the Northern Cape of South Africa and further into central Africa many years ago, Terry can assist hunters in booking their own safari with SB Hunting Safaris and guide them through the process and what to expect.

    If you live in the American West and are looking to talk about hunting with Stephen Bann and SB Hunting Safaris give Terry a call, text, or email.